A Holistic Approach is considering the whole body during evaluation and treatment of any injury or dysfunction.


Your Body is one Functional Unit

The foundation of a holistic therapy is grounded in the principle that all parts of the body function together as a unit. Following this integrative nature, if any one part of a system is restricted due to disease/ injury/ trauma/ overuse, the rest of the body will adapt.

However, depending on the culmination of stressors in one’s body, they may struggle to adapt, and compensatory patterns develop which overloads a system(s) beyond its intended capacity. This is when symptoms may ensue, such as pain, inflammation, stiffness, or other health conditions.


What to expect

During your appointments with Marjorie:

75 minute consultations involving Manual Therapy, Education, and Movement.

During which Marjorie completes a full evaluation to investigate the underlying sources and contributing factors of your current issues, followed by the corresponding manual treatment.

Hands-on Approach

The Goal of holistic manual therapy is to improve overall health and well-being by improving the mobility of all structures, thus reducing pain, and enhancing function.


“SEeing, Thinking, Feeling Fingers”.

W.G Sutherland, D.O

- Myofascial techniques

- Muscle Energy Techniques

- Osteo-articular joint mobilizations

- Cranial techniques

- Visceral techniques

- Strain Counterstrain Techniques

“The application of manual Techniques is only as good as one’s assessment. how and when certain techniques are used, based on a full evaluation, is the real art of one’s practice. “